i gotta feel the wind chill before i get old.

even the young ones become irrelevant.

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why are you dressed like a ninja?
15 April 1987
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the girl. [sam_i_am_not_2@livejournal.com]
sam. twenty-five. college graduate. michigander. strange. loud. history geek. sports fan. music nerd. kid at heart. shameless cartoon lover. fic at thiswasdream.
the obession(s).
fall out boy. writing. panic at the disco. history. patrick stump. brendon urie. reading. history. archaeology. music. friends. stargate: atlantis. merlin. joe flangian. jensen ackles. doctor who. chris pine. star trek. cartoons.
the personality.
hi! i'm sam and i'm a twenty-five (what the fuck? i didn't allow this.) year old college graduate (oh god. how did that happen?) who's attempting to be a BIG DAMN ADULT (caps needed) and sort of failing at it (i'm getting better! i have an adult job and everything! sort of). in addition to failing at being in the real world, i'm also quite possibly the most random person ever to exist. i bounce from fandom to fandom (bandom to stargate: atlantis to merlin to supernatural to doctor who/torchwood to, apparently, star trek xi. and now glee has joined the mix. what the fuck?) and i ramble about everything from patrick stump's hat obsession to joe flanigan's hair to how fucking pretty chris pine is to how glee sucked me in by using journey as a soundtrack. i also occasionally write fic, yammer about my real life, tell everyone about how awesome archaeology is and how i'm going to work in a museum (with the occasional failure of html, grammar and/or spelling. sometimes a combination of all three!). but basically? i'm a magpie that gets...omigod shiny!
the policy.
my journal is pretty much friends only. there are times where i will post publicly but those are mostly fannish flailings that generally don't make sense. i'm on the outskirts of the fueled by ramen/decaydance fandom (aka bandom aka bandslash aka the wentz empire) and a heavy lurker in the stargate: atlantis fandom (now with an added bonus: merlin). i poke around in the supernatural fandom but am absolutely terrified of the fans. i've added glee as a possible fandom but the severe lack of fourth wall is a notion i don't like to acknowledge. but! if you're down with all of that then come on in. the water's pretty awesome here. :D
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